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2013 Barrel fermented Malbec

Dark ruby red with violet hues, this barrel fermented malbec is rich and concentrated. It offers black cherry aromas and hints of subtle mocha on the nose. The palate abounds with flavors of spice, blackberry, black pepper abounds with flavors of spice, blackberry, black pepper and violets.

Harvest: 20-Apr-2013
Yeast: Laffort RX60
Aged: 25 months, 100% New French Oak, Boutes Tradicion & Seleccion

Yield: 1,600kg/acre
pH: 3.84 Total Acidity: 5.92

Bottles: 450 Hand-numbered
Residual Sugar: <1.8 g/L

Alcohol: 15.0%


2014 BArrel fermented malbec

This malbec is a deep ruby red in color with purple tinges. Its intense and wide bouquet expresses aromas of plum, raspberry, cherry and blackberry. The extended cooperage provides gentle hints of black pepper and spice. An elegant wine with great aging potential.

Harvest: 24-Apr-2014
Yeast: Laffort RX60
Aged : 25 months, 100% New French Oak, Boutes Tradicion & Seleccion, Medium+ Toast

Yield: 1,600 kg/acre
pH: 3.99 Total Acidity: 5.62

Bottles: 300 Hand-numbered
Residual Sugar: 2.13 g/L

Alcohol: 15.0%


2014 Malbec

90 Wine Enthusiast Rated

Dark ruby red in color, this Malbec has aromas of red cherries and plums, with notes of black pepper. Similar flavors of black cherries and juicy plums fill the mouth. Medium bodied with gentle tannins and a pleasant finish.

Harvest: 24-Apr-2014
Yeast: Laffort F15
Aged: Used/Neutral French Oak

Yield: 2,500kg/acre
pH: 3.79 Total Acidity: 6.31

Bottles: 1,200
Residual Sugar: <1.8 g/L

Alcohol: 15.0%


2015 Malbec Reserva

This malbec has deep ruby red color with purple tinges. Its aroma expresses raspberries and cherries balanced with spicy oak notes. A velvety mouthfeel enhances the soft tannins and bright acidity. A wine of great character.

Harvest: 14-Apr-2015
Yeast: Laffort RX60
Aged: 20 months, 66% New French oak, 33% 2nd use, Boutes

Yield: 900kg/acre
pH: 3.5 Total Acidity: 6.50

Bottles: 900
Residual Sugar: 1.9 g/L

Alcohol: 14.5%


2014 assemblage reserva

The intense red color welcomes the harmonious and complex aromas of plum, cherry and spice. The rich mouth-feel maintains a pleasant balance between tannins and acidity. A warm and long finish.

Harvest: 26-Mar - 13-May 2014
Yeast: Laffort F15

Aged: 18 months, 50% New French oak, 50% 2nd use, Boutes

Yield: 1,950kg/acre
pH: 3.8 Total Acidity: 6.18

Bottles: 2,088
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Alcohol: 14.9%


2017 Torrontes

Straw-yellow in color with an intense perfumed bouquet dominated by typical flowery aromas combined with white peach, lychee and apricot. Crisp acidity, round and velvety mouthfeel. Fresh, medium bodied.

Harvest: 24-Feb-2017
Yeast: Laffort X16

Yield: 4,000kg/acre
pH: 3.46 Total Acidity: 5.49

Bottles: 300
Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

Alcohol: 12.7%


2017 ROSE

A lovely pale salmon pink color and attractive floral notes layered with hints of delicate strawberry and sour cherry. Its mouthfeel captivates its bright acidity, freshness and elegant long finish.

Harvest: 03-Mar-2017
Yeast: Laffort Delta

Yield: 4,000kg/acre
pH: 3.81 Total Acidity: 5.47

Bottles: 600
Residual Sugar: 2.06 g/L

Alcohol: 14.5%


Prior Vintages




2016 RosE - sold out

This Pinot Noir rose is soft pink in color. Intense aromas of strawberries and fresh watermelon on the nose. Delicate on the palate, with notes of raspberries and red fruits and a long, crisp finish.

Harvest: 19-Mar-2016
Yeast: Laffort F15

Yield: 4,000kg/acre
pH: 3.72 Total Acidity: 6.8

Bottles: 600
Residual Sugar: 2.1 g/L

Alcohol: 14.5%


2016 Torrontes - sold out

Perfumed nose dominated by its typical flowery aromas combined with white peach and fresh lime. Crispy acidity, round, with a velvety mouth. A fresh, medium bodied white wine.

Harvest: 16-Mar-2016
Yeast: Laffort F15

Yield: 4,000kg/acre
pH: 3.67Total Acidity: 7.5

Bottles: 600
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Alcohol: 12.7%




2014 Malbec Reserva - SOLD OUT

92 Wine Enthusiast rated

Deep red in color. Bouquet of red fruits and spices. Soft presence of tannins. Great body and good structure with a deep, lingering finish. With an extended French cooperage, a dark chocolate and spice bouquet persists.

Harvest: 14-Apr-2014
Yeast: Laffort F15
Aged:67% New French Oak, Boutes, 33% Second Use Oak, Boutes

Yield: 2,150kg/acre
pH: 3.83Total Acidity: 6.20

Bottles: 2088
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L




2013 Malbec Reserva - SOLD OUT

90 Wine Spectator Rated, 88 Wine Enthusiast Rated

Intense ruby red color. Plums, red cherries, black pepper, cocoa, spices and oaky notes. A big wine, with lively acidity and concentration. Its marked round tannins are well balanced with a fruity and cedary finish.

Harvest: 11-Apr-2013
Yeast: Lallemand EC1118

Yield: 2,150kg/acre
pH: 3.93 Total Acidity: 6.04

Bottles: 987
Residual Sugar: 1.8 G/L

Aged: 18 months, 57% New French Oak, 43% Second Use Oak, Boutes


2013 Assemblage Reserva - SOLD OUT

89 Wine Enthusiast Rated

Intense ruby red in color. Ripe red fruits, like plums and cherries with gentle spicy notes, black pepper and sage. Dry, medium bodied, with round tannins, remarked acidity, and a long, spicy driven finish.

Harvest: 3/26 - 5/6/13
Yeast: EC1118

Yield: 1,900 kg/acre
pH: 3.95 Total Acidity: 6.02

Bottles: 1,788
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged: 18 Months, 50% New French Oak, 50% Second Use, Boutes


2013 malbec - SOLD OUT

88 Wine Enthusiast Rated

Intense ruby red. Fresh, red fruits, plums and cherries with gentle, spicy notes. Aromatic, even flowery notes. Fresh, medium bodied with a pleasing fruit forward finish.

Harvest: 5/2/13
Yeast: Lallemand EC1118

Yield: 2,500 kg/acre
pH: 3.8 Total Acidity: 6.68

Bottles: 600
Residual Sugar: <1.8 g/L

Aged: 14 Months, Used/Neutral French Oak


2013 Torrontes - SOLD OUT

Pale straw yellow with light green tinges. An attractive nose of orange blossom and lime with hints of pear and stone fruit. A well-balanced acidity, fresh and pleasant roundness. Very good length with a floral finish.

Harvest: 20-Mar-2013
Yeast: BCS 103

Yield: 4,500kg/acre
pH: 3.52Total Acidity: 5.21

Bottles: 1,200
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

100% Torrontes




2012 Malbec Reserva - SOLD OUT 

91 Wine Enthusiast Rated --- 88 Wine Spectator Rated

This deep purple-colored Malbec offers a stunning aromatic display of espresso, licorice, black cherry, and black raspberry. Bold on the palate, yet elegantly silky and deep.

Harvest: 27-April-2012
Yeast: Lallemand EC1118

Yield: 2,150kg/acre
pH: 3.75 Total Acidity: 6.11

Bottles: 1,800
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged: 18 Months, 66% New French Oak, 33% 2nd use, Boutes


2012 Assemblage Reserva- SOLD OUT

88 Wine Enthusiast Rated

Presenting aromas of blackberry and fruitcake, with notes of licorice and spices, this blend is concentrated and firm in the middle. The finish is of bold, black fruit flavors, with good acidity and sound tannins.

Harvest: 23-April-2012
Yeast: EC1118, F15, F33

Yield: 1,950kg/acre
pH: 3.75 Total Acidity: 6.12

Bottles: 600
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged:18 Months, 50% New French Oak, Boutes 50% 2nd use, Boutes


2012 Torrontes - SOLD OUT

Pale straw yellow with light green tinges. An attractive nose of honey, floral apricot and lime with mineral softness and similar flavors. The palate is initially rich but a vein of fresh citrus acidity and mineral juiciness cuts in to give an edge to the finish. Very good length.

Harvest: 13-March-2012
Yeast: Laffort VL12

Yield: 12,000kg/acre
pH: 3.45 Total Acidity: 5.9

Bottles: 300
Residual Sugar: 4.0 g/L

100% Torrontes



The light pink and orange shades of this wine is a result of its brief contact with the grape skins before its press. Aromas of red fruits stand out, dominating wild strawberries and sour cherries. Delicate palate with expressions that are reminiscent of quince jelly.

Harvest: 16-March-2012
Yeast: Laffort FX10

Yield: 2,000kg/acre
pH: 3.82 Total Acidity: 5.9

Bottles: 500
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged:23 Months

60% Merlot, 40% Syrah


2012 Celestial - SOLD OUT

91 Wine Spectator Rated

Intense ruby red with violet tinges. An aromatic nose of fresh and ripe cassis, plum and blackberry. Distinctive violet notes characteristic of the Uco Valley. Dry, full bodied wine with a long, velvety finish where fruits and oak combine in perfect harmony.

Harvest: 16-Apr-2012
Yeast: Laffort RX60

Yield: 1,600kg/acre
pH: 3.8Total Acidity: 6.23

Bottles: 300 Hand-numbered
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged: 16 Months 100% New French Oak, Boutes




2011 CELESTIAL - Sold out

93 Wine Enthusiast Rated --- 89 Wine Spectator Rated

50 Best Malbecs - Double Gold Medal 2016

Celestial is our highest quality, ultra premium wine. We use new French Oak barrels for primary fermentation, before transferring the wine to other new French Oak barrels for subsequent aging. "Celestial" means "Heavenly" in Spanish. This 100% Malbec offers a very concentrated color with intense, bright ruby red and dark violet tinges. Earth, black fruits, violets, and mint in the nose. The palate is big, silky with intense notes of dark chocolate, blackberry and licorice.

Harvest: 23-April-2011
Yeast: Laffort RX60

Yield: 1,600kg/acre
pH: 3.81 Total Acidity: 6.07

Bottles: 600 Hand-numbered
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L

Aged: 23 Months, 100% New French Oak, Boutes


2011 MALBEC RESERVA - sold out

93 Wine Enthusiast Rated: EDITOR'S CHOICE

This deep purple-colored Malbec has a stunning aromatic display of violets, black pepper and black cherry. Succulent black fruits, serious depth and concentration, with a memorable pleasant finish. A big and truly elegant wine.

Harvest: 11-April-2011
Yeast: Laffort F33

Yield: 1,500kg/acre
pH: 3.92 Total Acidity: 5.9

Bottles: 900
Residual Sugar: 2.2 g/L

Aged: 16 months, 75% New French Oak, Boutes & Sequin Moreau 25% Second Use, Boutes & Saury